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High school is such an exciting time, and the rich program of a Charlotte Mason education invites students to partake of the vast feast of ideas we find in books and things.

Since homeschooling high schoolers can bring unique challenges, the CMEC provides helpful support:

Our High School Curriculum

Mason’s vision for high school reflects a step up in maturity and challenge without sacrificing living quality. The key descriptor for this Form's course of study is Mason’s aim for all levels: breadth and balance.

The CMEC curriculum for high school is based on the PNEU programs, so it covers core subjects like history, science, and literature, but also art history, philosophy, economics, and other unique subjects Mason added in the high school years.

Our high school curriculum team is composed of women with backgrounds in science, philosophy, history, economics, and literature. They are either homeschooling high schoolers themselves or have graduated children from the homeschool (or both!), and they have all steeped themselves in Mason’s work for many years.

Each member of the team focuses on finding the best books for each slot on the program, but then the team looks carefully together at the balance of the program overall. We aim to provide a breadth that is refreshing and inviting, but also the balance needed for the many pursuits that high schoolers take on in their leisure time. We think our high school program is unlike any other option out there today!

Resources for High School Students and Parents

We have guides written for each Form as well as for particular subjects, like Plutarch, Shakespeare, and geography. These guides cover helpful tips for narration and background resources, as well as discussion topics to help mothers to get to the heart of the key ideas of these texts and aid student writing as well.

We also have a range of science guides to accompany our complete program for high school science. These guides offer suggestions for the hands-on work—lab work and field work—the students should do alongside their reading and are a help in rounding out the books into full courses and assigning credits.

A new addition to our website this year is a collection of resources for homeschooling high school with the CMEC, including a sample transcript and course descriptions, tips on effective meetings with high school students, a checklist for parents as their student’s guidance counselor, a curated collection of helpful links, and more. We also have a video that covers how to view the post-graduation discernment process with the proper lens, and how the CMEC sets students up well for college and beyond.

High School Form Meetings

There are three Form meetings each year, one per term, for high school parents to receive guidance, ask questions, and meet with moms who are in the midst of the high school years for the first time or have gained insights from children who have already graduated and flown the nest! One of the real strengths of the CMEC lies in our community of mothers, and the high school years are no exception. It can often be challenging to find other parents who are homeschooling older students to share the journey with, but at the CMEC, we have a supportive group of member families working through these years together.

Form Leader Support

Members are invited to contact their Form Leader throughout the term with questions. These questions may be answered immediately or may be sent along to the CMEC Team to be answered live during the Form Meetings. We cover a range of topics, from navigating afternoon occupations and leisure, to working toward independence, to the parent’s role in student compositions, to navigating the challenging books in the CMEC high school program, particularly in science, history, and philosophy.

Ongoing Education and Training

All members of the CMEC are welcome to attend our retreats, workshops, and Mother’s Education Course, and at these events we always have an eye to our upper-level students and their families.

So often homeschool resources cater to younger students because it is so much more common to home educate in the early years. But we have found that without a good sense of Mason's approach to the later years, it is hard to know what those early years are aiming toward in the first place. Toward that greater goal of understanding her sense of the student and his development over time, we have long put careful work into teasing out her thoughts on older children. We pass those findings along to the community through our training events.

Perhaps it is because so many of us on the curriculum team have high schoolers ourselves, but we at the CMEC have a special dedication to making our high school program reflect the life-giving education Mason envisioned.

What members with high school students are saying:

This program in unique in its approach to treating children as persons. It allows them to make the connections and form the ideas from each lesson on their own with little guidance instead of telling them what is important and what they should think. And in this way it makes them masters of their own education ... The CMEC curriculum is so rich and varied that I am excited as I look forward to high school with my Form 3 students. I did not feel my older students, who were homeschooled in a more traditional method, though with very difficult material, were as well prepared for college as they could have been. The natural progression of the curriculum's breadth and difficulty allows to students to feel challenged each year without feeling out of their depth. As I see them forming relationships with ideas and their ability to articulate them verbally and in writing, I am confident that they will be more than well prepared for higher learning.

- Judy in PA

The most helpful part of CMEC for highschool have been the guides for science, especially the experiments. It’s helped us be consistent! – Heather in GA

We begin our first set of high school years in the fall and seeing how this piece is a continuation and fruition of what was done before has been helpful. – Kyndra in MA

The CMEC has provided materials so that I can further educate myself in the Charlotte Mason method. I'm very grateful for the support provided and the cheerfulness of the team wanting to support me. I'm able to dig deeper into the CM method but I'm also able to spend more time with my family and less time preparing for school. - Cassie in MO

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