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An Opportunity to Learn and Grow in a

Vibrant and Encouraging Community of Mothers and Teachers

At the CMEC, we believe there is great power and potential in families working out ideas together—especially when they also share a curriculum and can join in spirit in their daily work too. Our CMEC team is made up of homeschooling parents, so our community offerings address real issues, both small and large, with sympathy and encouragement. At the same time, we also highly value ongoing research into Mason’s philosophy and sharing what we learn with others. This combination of the philosophical and practical drives the support and training we provide.

Our offerings grow and adapt from year to year with the development of CMEC families and the express needs of our members in mind. Our meetings offer not only ongoing education, but a chance to connect with other mothers and teachers live online. We always offer a recording of our events for those who cannot attend live.

A description of some of our events from this past year:

At our Curriculum Launch in the spring, we walk through the books and plans for the year to come.

During our Fall Mini-Retreat, we take on a particular subject or topic workshop-style, providing education and modeling the art of teaching.

At the Fall Mini-Retreat, offered live and online, we dive deep into a particular subject of interest.

Our annual Parents’ Night gives members a chance to reflect on their family culture and educational goals and is planned with both mothers and fathers in mind.

Our popular Mother’s Education Course includes online meetings and a carefully-designed set of coursework from the volumes and our private collection of the Parents’ Review.

We offer a Community Learning Support Group for those who are leading or teaching in TBG Groups, co-ops, and other learning programs.

Through our Form Meetings and emails to our Form Leaders, members can receive guidance on the curriculum, ask questions, and provide feedback.

Our community offerings are rooted in sound philosophy and open to member needs. And all of our support is based not just on personal experience but also on a solid understanding of Mason’s philosophy. We ground our community offerings in active and ongoing research into Mason’s programs, volumes, and archives. For example, our summer interns this past year were busy formatting all of the PNEU programs and exams into a searchable database for our use in creating the curriculum. This kind of behind-the-scenes research and development gives us firm footing for our work with families.

What members are saying about our community:

The community offerings provide an opportunity to regularly reflect on one’s homeschooling, to re-inspire and refresh ideas and philosophy, and to hear from other mothers what they are working on/how they approach different aspects of school. This is especially helpful with Charlotte Mason because her philosophy is easy to reduce to some superficial mottos, but in order to really practice it well, you need to delve deeper and look more closely. CMEC walks you through her philosophy carefully and thoroughly over time, encouraging discipline and orderliness. In some ways, adopting Charlotte Mason’s approach is perhaps harder for the mother than it is for the children, so we need as much support as we can get! - Jessica in MA

The many types of support offered to parents in the form of on-line meetings and retreats is very helpful and really makes you part of the community. Seeing familiar names and faces each time, sharing questions and solutions, and benefiting from the wonderful experience of Amy and Celeste is one aspect of the CMEC I really value. I am constantly amazed at the research and preparation that goes into each each of their presentations, whether online or in person. - Judy in PA

I love the community that is created by all of the online meetings. The community offerings are a ray of sunshine. …The leaders are welcoming and have a great gift for providing support. - Cassie in MO

I have benefited from the conference for members where there were some immersions done. I was able to finally truly understand how dictation should be done after that immersion! The Mother's Education Course has been inspirational…and have helped to keep me engaged and fresh this school year. I have also found the Form Meetings to be another place to find inspiration, help with troubleshooting, and just full of great ideas I hadn’t thought of. - Hollie in VA

The Mother's Education Course has been really impactful. I'm now using a logbook to keep track of our days and the regular meetings encourage me and remind me of our principles and what is important, which is easy to forget in the midst of the day-to-day ... I'm a better parent and teacher when I engage with the CMEC community and really use the resources that are provided because I need the consistent reminders of the CM principles and the experience of mothers who are working from the same paradigm and towards the same goals. - Sarah in CA

The CMEC Mother’s Education Course has been a great way to keep myself learning and growing as a CM educator. The PR articles assigned have been especially helpful in obtaining a deeper understanding of various aspects of the philosophy and method.  - Jessica in WA

I find everything on the website very helpful, but ultimately what sets CMEC apart is the community and ongoing education for the mother which is possible through the webinars, retreats, and online meetings. - Eva in IL

It is a gift to be part of CMEC community! - Paula in PA

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